From BBC scores for Sir David Attenborough films, to composing the music for many critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries, I’ve gained a reputation for some unique and emotionally charged work.

I’m a classically trained guitarist working with sought after musicians from many different countries and traditions. In fusing the work with studio electronics, I hope to create haunting soundworlds for our time. 


'Flow' - my new album for the Chappell label (Universal Production Music) 

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Beyond The Clouds

Excited to share the release of Beyond The Clouds, a new album for BBC Production Music, co-written and produced with the wonderful vocalist Abbie Lathe. '..Intimate and wordless female vocals intertwine with stripped-back folk instrumentation. Perfect for green tech, gardens, homes, wildlife, intimate documentaries, commercials and drama..' 

Click the pic to hear the album!

Click the pic to hear the album!

Narcos - Rise Of the Cartels