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January 2024

Folk Tales -  new album out now on earthMusic. I've collaborated on this collection with renowned ‘avant folk’ artist Nick Pynn. 
Nick has performed with many artists over the years, including Billy Bragg, Arthur Brown, Steve Harley, Beverley Martyn, B*Witched, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Stewart Lee and many more.  ( 

July - December 2023

The second half of 2023 has seen our earthMusic label expanding its reach around the world with new partners in the US and Canada, Spain and Portugal, Italy, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Wings Of Hope
October  - “Wings Of Hope”, a conservation film soundtracked by earthMusic,  won the Audience Choice Award at the Jackson Wild festival. 
Jackson Wild is known as the Oscars of Wildlife films, and the film - from the Roundglass Sustain initiative in India and directed by rising star Gunjan Menon, was also an official selection for the World Wildlife Day organised by the United Nations, National Geographic and Jackson Wild 2023. So a nice double!

Festival site here:

Watch ‘Wings Of Hope’:

 Ireland’s Deep Atlantic
Another nice piece of news is that an ocean wildlife limited series with many earthMusic tracks in the score, ‘Ireland’s Deep Atlantic’, made by Ken O’Sullivan for Sea Fever Productions, is now officially on the curriculum of schools across Ireland.


Salmon Shame
Earlier this year earthMusic was exclusively used to soundtrack a campaigning film about the cruelty and environmental damage caused by salmon farming in Scotland.  The film’s production team was made up of top BBC wildlife producers and editors (Blue Planet, Planet Earth), and now well known animal rights campaigner and BBC presenter Chris Packham has weighed in to support the cause. 
Watch the film here:

“Al Lethbridge’s evocative and powerful music brings the shame and horror of salmon farming to the fore of the viewer’s consciousness..”  Paul Reddish  – Exec Producer

See The Guardian article about Chris Packham's call to action:


June 2023

I have a new album release for BBC Production Music - Poignant Stories
‘Thoughtful, reflective and atmospheric scoring for Emotional Drama and Documentaries..’

Also very happy to share the news that earthMusic will sign with Lisbon and Madrid based company Vimusica for distribution in Spain and Portugal.


January - May 2023

In the studio, working on new albums for earthMusic - The Hospital Tapes, Folk Tales, War, and Guitar Ripples.
Its exciting to see some of the placements earthMusic has been getting over the last months - a few examples:

First Class - a scandalous reality/drama series for NETFLIX set in Barcelona.
Signs - dark Polish thriller for Netflix
Africa's Hunters - SKY NATURE
Fishing For Giants - Apple TV
Arid Lands - LOVE NATURE
Ireland’s North Atlantic - RTE
BBC World News

and my Universal Production Music catalogue is getting some interesting syncs:

Formula 1: Drive To Survive - Netflix
Somebody Feed Phil - Netflix
Blue Planet Revisited - BBC 2
Ben Fogle: New Lives In the Wild - CH5
The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan - BBC2
Natures Turtle Nursery: Secrets From The Nest - BBC4
The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway - BBC2
Wild Crusades - SKY Nature
and many more!

For Universal, I should be starting on a new BBC Production Music album (distributed by UPM) before the spring.

November December 2022

Thrilled to be signing sub-publishing deals in many world territories for earthMusic. Our music will be made available to film makers in many more countries, over the coming months. Always staying as close as possible to our niche genres of adventure, wildlife, science and human stories.

October 2022

earthMusic is the exclusive provider of music for new film Salmon Shame. It highlights the environmental destruction caused by salmon farming in Scotland. Made by a leading team of veteran wildlife film makers - Paul Reddish producer, Martin Elsbury- film editor, and Graham Wild - sound mixer, who bring to the film their combined experience of working on such iconic BBC series as Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet. Watch and share 'Salmon Shame'

August - September 2022

Back home in Kissamos, West Crete after our overland-and-water trip to Northern France. Days are hot and we mark the end of 'office hours' with some evening snorkelling, where we have underwater strolls - rocky 'land'scapes, fish and other creatures - octopus, fireworms, crabs..

Music-wise my album The Human Touch for BBC Production Music is now released. 
'..taking a look at a life story through the lens of a documentary maker. Emotional guitar led soundscapes and atmospheres to support deeply personal thoughts and words..'
You can listen/download on the Universal site - The Human Touch

Coming up, I'm looking forward to attending (virtually) the Wildscreen Festival (Bristol October 2022) - the 'Oscars' of the Wildlife filmmaking world. I'll be representing earthMusic and my work for Universal Production Music.

And I've been pleased to see my Spotify listeners go up steadily over the summer months. Placements of music in big Netflix shows like Money Heist has helped! A simple and evocative Spanish guitar piece, Alhambra Moonrise is current favourite. 

June - July 2022

Jenny and I are doing a two month road /ferry/camping trip from our home island of Crete to Italy, Spain and France. We've hit two heat waves (currently in Umbria on July 22 at 39c) and an explosion of covid cases in all European countries. For a convalescing holiday, it's been quite stressful! 

Workwise - a couple of fab releases:

My album Flow is released by Universal Production Music on their Chappell label.
A  rich and very organic mix of guitars, rococo, mandolin, violin and clarinet. 
Listen on Spotify, or go to the album on Universal Production Music

My Ep for BMG Production Music - Mexico - Culinary Delights is released- full of drums, ronroco, cuatro and flutes! You can listen on Spotify here



January - May 2022 
A long stay in hospital (Heraklion University Hospital, Crete). Time for contemplation and writing new music in my ward bed - on the iPad. The resulting music is still, ambient, with lots of synth and percussive textures. I've called the collection "The Hospital Tapes". It's a real departure for me in sound, and has been receiving some nice comments. I think it will make a good release for my earth music label, or possibly one of Universal's labels. I'll keep you all updated.

December 2021

I now have the green light on 'Flow' - a new album for Universal Production Music. All demos are done, now to add some new arrangements, and get ready for live recordings with musicians in Dublin and London.

The Pangea Project - I'm working with the astro-physicists from NOA - the National Observatory of Athens, on an album project about the revolutionary climate change station on the tiny island of Antikythera, just off the coast of Western Crete. Their findings may have huge implications for how global warming models may have to adjust their predictions of the speed of climate change. Read a fascinating article on BBC Travel describing the Pangea project, it's incredible laser beaming into the sky, and the magic of the island that is at the meeting of three seas, and four winds, with no light pollution. BBC Pangea

Beyond The Clouds - the new album co-written with Abbie Lathe for BBC Production Music is now available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. Listen here: Spotify - Beyond the Clouds

September/Oct/Nov 2021

Back in Crete - staying in a village house while searching for a two year rental. Exciting road ahead pursuing the build of a house and studio. 

And excited to share the release of Beyond The Clouds, a new album for BBC Production Music, co-written and produced with the wonderful vocalist Abbie Lathe. '..Intimate and wordless female vocals intertwine with stripped-back folk instrumentation. Perfect for green tech, gardens, homes, wildlife, intimate documentaries, commercials and drama..' 

You can listen here - go on! It's gorgeous: Beyond The Clouds
And it's coming to Spotify and all major platforms soon.

Salmon Shame
Also working with a team of wildlife filmmakers (including Blue Planet/Planet Earth veterans) on a hard hitting campaign film about the terrible effect the Scottish salmon farming industry is having on the wider environment.

Editing - Martin Elsbury, Sound - Graham Wild, Producer - Paul Reddish.

August 2021

Staying in Hereford while we get ready for the return to Crete. 
Get a call from BMG Production Music to see if interested in a Mexican music project - oh yes!! I start recording on my mobile rig straight away - I have several South American instruments with me - Ronrocos, Cuatros other little stringed things.

July 2021

SOLD THE HOUSE IN BRISTOL - No turning back :))

July 1st to 11th  - I spend a mesmerising break recording ideas for a new album 'The Guitar Motel' in a cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast. Very near the coast path. Lots of wild flowers in the lanes and on the paths, lots of seals on the rocks.

June 2021

Back in Bristol, isolating for two weeks in our house, getting everything into boxes ready for our big move to Crete. 

The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice - originally made by the BBC, is now being heavily pushed on social media after its acquisition by Curiosity Stream. This terrific series, fronted by Prof. Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver, features music from my Universal catalogues.

Delivering the finals of my tracks for "Life In the Sun" a lovely new album for Universal's Bruton label. All acoustic fun and wildness - inspired and recorded in our last days on Crete in May.

Waiting for news of the release of our album Spirit Voice 2 on BBC Production Music - could be July now.

May 2021

We are getting ready for a trip back to UK, before returning to Western Crete in September, and moving on with plans for a house and studio build.

Meanwhile I'm working on tracks for a new album "Life In The Sun" for Universal's Bruton label. Recording remotely once again with top players Ben Castle (Clarinet) and David Juritz (Violin).

Working with singer and co-writer Abbie Lathe, I've just finished the sequel to Spirit Voice for BBC Production Music. (Check the first album out on Spotify). Release date will be in July. Another recent collaboration we had was on Santa's Wild Home for National Geographic - submitted for an EMMY this year.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival - Rising Star award winner Gunjan Menon has finished her series of conservation films set in the wilds of India. Gunjan has used music exclusively from our earthMusic library to score this project, for the Roundglass Sustain charity. 

earthMusic has contributed many tracks to another conservation film project for Paleartica Films in Menorca, Spain. The film is set on a tiny island off Mallorca - Cabrera, a place I've visited with my skipper wife Jenny on a sailing trip many moons ago. The film is called Cabrera - Ancestral Mediterranean. The lush underwater-scapes and island scenes are captivating. 

April 2021

EMMYS 2021 - Santa's Wild Home, a beautiful film about the landscapes and wildlife of Lapland I scored for PBS and National Geographic, is submitted for awards at this year's EMMYS, to be held in September.

earthMusic gets several placements in Katrina Costello's beautiful and atmospheric mini-series The Burren - Heart of Stone for RTE and broadcasting April 11 and 18.  Over two episodes - Symphony of Life and Sound Of Our Ancestors, the films explore this wild and iconic landscape of Western Ireland. (Also placed is a a great track - The Warrior Princess - from my album Spirit Voice for Universal and BBC Production Music. Listen on Spotify ) Go to programme site here

earthMusic has released ten new albums - very proud of these collections of music:
Elemental Voices, Ancestors, The Crime, Code Red, Lone Guitarist, Future Machines, Andean Dreaming, Wipeout, The Guitar Poet, and Adventure Drums. Check them out here:

March 2021

earthMusic is working with Off The Fence Productions (Oscar Nominated 2021 for My Octopus Teacher), supplying music for a new series for ZDF and Curiosity Stream: 'The Rescued Chimpanzees of the Congo with Jane Goodall'

earthMusic scores new BBC NEWS short doc. The city with a double pandemic. Aida and Daniel are a married couple - and they are both paramedics in Tijuana, one of the most violent cities in the world. Watch this harrowing short Doc on BBC World News HERE

earthMusic are also busy with award winning documentary producers Big Wave Productions who are making a series of wildlife shorts for a South Downs conservation initiative.

February 2021

Proud that earthMusic is working with the Irish Wildlife Trust , exclusively supplying the music for three new conservation films. They promote the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) off the coasts of Ireland. The films cover the great whales, sharks and rays, and the risks posed by bottom trawling. Ken O'Sullivan of Sea Fever Productions directs.

We are also pitching earthMusic tracks for a new Netflix series by Michael Pollan. All about how psychedelic substances (LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA and Mescaline) have affected human minds through the ages.

January 2021

I'm starting work on earthMusic track selections for a new film by award winning director Katrina Costello ( 'The Silver Branch' - Audience Award - Hot Docs Toronto and many others awards). The subject is confidential for now, but it's going to be a beautiful film.

December 2020

We are busy in our Cretan hideaway prepping the next ten albums scheduled for release on our earthMusic label, and are very pleased to have signed an indie agreement with wildlife-film production company - Off The Fence, makers of this year's Netflix break out hit  - My Octopus Teacher.

Enchanted Tales - a new production music album for Universal (UPM) is released to the industry on the Chappell label. I've contributed three tracks: 03. Puppy Adventure  04. Magic Boots and 07. Cloud Flyer. Thanks to remote recording artists Ben Castle - clarinet, and David Juritz - violin. Very fun to write and collaborate from Western Crete lockdown!  Listen here

November 2020

Santa's Wild Home premieres Nov 25th throughout the USA on PBS, as part of this season's long running Nature strand. The film has been nominated and won awards at several major wildlife film festivals (See below). The soundtrack features the mysterious and wonderful vocals of Abbie Lathe, with whom I have just released the album Spirit Voice on BBC Production Music and available now on all the streamers. Check it out on Spotify

October 2020

Oct 19-23   Excited to announce that is launched at Wildscreen Festival 2020

The Disappeared is officially selected at Wildscreen. Already nominated at Jackson Wild the film is produced by Fulmar Films for Artists In Motion,and investigates the disappearance at sea, and the suspected murders of fisheries observers working the Pacific tuna fisheries. Director Kimberley Stewart, Exec. Mark Wild. earthMusic has provided the entire score. 

Spirit Voice - my new BBC Production Music album - co-written with Abbie Lathe is released on all streaming platforms. Very proud of this album. Female power, mystery, beauty, and gorgeous wordless vocals. Check it out on Spotify

September 2020

Santa's Wild Home has won the Nordic Nature Film Award at Green Screen Naturfilm Festival Germany, and was nominated for Best Music. It has also been nominated at the 'Oscars' of the wildlife film world, Jackson Wild, 2020, in the best Ecosystem (Long form) category. The music features the amazing vocals of Abbie Lathe. The show will be broadcast Christmas 2020 on National Geographic. 

The Boys Season 2 - my track Fiesta Del Toro is placed in this astounding superhero show for Amazon Prime. Described as amazon' Prime's top series.

Vis A Vis - El Oasis - the same track Fiesta Del Toro is placed in this hard hitting crime/prison drama hit for Netflix. 

March - August 2020 - Covid.

Jenny and I have been in Crete since early March, and are thankful to have been locked down in a country that took early action over Covid 19, with the result that it has had the lowest infection rate and death toll in Europe. We intend to stay in Western Crete for now as we feel much safer here - and we can go to the beach, snorkel and walk the mountains and gorges. 

Workwise, we have been prepping our earthMusic library for a re-launch later in the summer, with new tracks, new albums, artwork, logos and most importantly a fully functioning and searchable site. 

We have also been helping with environmental initiatives, supplying music from the library for a number of conservation film projects around the world:

U.S. photographic artist Beth Moon's film about the threat to ancient baobab trees in Madagascar.

Indian film-maker Gunjan Menon's set of seven films for the Roundglass Sustain initiative in the Punjab.

Swedish film maker Anna Bohlmark's beautiful and moving film Big Social Nomad, currently winning awards on the festival circuit. The film shows the tensions and losses suffered by both wild elephants and farmers in rural India.

Big Social Nomad's festival results so far: 

Stockholm Film Festival 2019 - Industry selection 2019  

Boden Film Festival 2020 - winner  

SWFF Film Festival 2019  

Cafe Iranii Chai International Film Festival 2019  

Rishikesh International Film Festival 2020 - winner  

Kalaburagi International Short Film Festival 2020 - winner  

Lakecity International Film Festival 2019  

Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2020 - finalist  

Ayodhya International Film Festival 2019 – finalist

Winners and Losers:  Richard Brock - ex-BBC Natural History producer's massive conservation project. All 85 films are released for free on Youtube.  His Winners and Losers films take the conservation message directly back to communities that exist on the front edge of environmental destruction. earthMusic supplies many tracks for Richard's films.

February 2020

In production for a new album 'Spirit Voice' for BBC Production Music. Featuring the extraordinary vocals of Abbie Lathe, my co-writer. All very Lord Of The Rings! Release date TBC late summer 2020.

Preparing for a three month recce to Western Crete - object to build an eco house and separate studio which melt into the mountain and seascape. Not literally :))  We will also be working from Crete on the initial launch of twenty one earthMusic albums on the Harvest platform. More news soon on this.

January 2020

I have two new tracks released on the album Global Scores for the prestigious Universal Trailer Series. Tracks are Badlands, and Sierra Highways.
Sierra Highways is my first collaboration with LA orchestrator and composer Ed McCormack  (Jason Bourne, Killing Reagan).

While spending Christmas in Athens, we visited the National Archaelogical Museum, and had a nice surprise! I heard music playing - from my album Inspiring Worlds. It was underscoring a film about the discovery of an ancient Greek computer - The Antkithera Mechanism.  An amazing setting to find the music - on loop playback for years!

Baby Chimp Rescue - BBC2 This new series with a deep conservation message features music from my earthMusic collection. Series produced by Rob Sullivan.  BBC Series Site

The Inquiry - BBC Radio 4 - series on corruption involving The Ukraine and Western Billionaires and politicians. Tracks from my Universal albums feature.

Separated Siblings - File On 4 - Flagship BBC Radio 4 series. A harrowing programme on adoption scandals, featuring music from my UPM library.

Drama podcast trailer - BBC Radio 4 -  heard my music but can't identify the podcast as yet! - but running this month.

December 2019

I've delivered all music and Santa's Wild Home is now a wrap. Sound-mixed in Bristol at Films@59 by Brian Moseley. Production company is Terra Mater, and director is Matt Hamilton, Film editor - Tim Coope. I last worked with Matt and Tim on the multi-award winning series "Islands In Time", also for Nat Geo. 
Go to film site at Terra Mater

The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys. Narrated by Bill Nighy. A five part series for Channel 5. Music from my UPM album Distant Lands features.

Nadiya's American Melting Pot - BBC2 (In production). This new two parter will TX in 2020, and earthMusic tracks will be heard! Producer is Annie Backhouse for Wall To Wall.

November 2019

Panorama: War Crimes Scandal Exposed - BBC1. My music features - tracks from Chappel album 'Ronroco Magic'.

Ben Fogle - New Lives In the Wild Channel 5. Music from my album The Road Less Travelled features.

Narcos - Rise Of the Cartels. Playstation game for Curve Media and Gaumont - released Nov 18. I collaborated with composer Richard Wilkinson on playing and arranging South American instruments: Ronroco, charango and cuatro.

Cuckoo - BBC Radio4. Radio drama by Paul McVeigh. Features music from my BBC Production Music album - The Living Soul

One Cup: A Thousand Stories.  BBC Studios has won its first ever fully-funded production commission in China with a brand new landmark factual series for Migu, China Mobile’s only digital content subsidiary, telling the tale of tea and its impact on China and other civilizations around the globe. BBC series site  My earthMusic library is being used to help score this five part series.

October 2019

Catching Britain's Killers: The Crimes That Changed Us - BBC2. A new series features music from my album for Chappell Noir - What Lies Within.

Cleopatra: A Timewatch Guide - BBC4. This revealing documentary features music from my UPM collections.


September 2019

I’m beginning the score-writing for a Nat Geo Christmas special - a film about the wildlife of Lapland. 

I'm also working on tracks for new album 'Global Scores' for the Universal Trailer Series


August 2019

Cher: The Greatest Showgirl. Ch5 16 August. This two hour drama-doc features music from my UPM album Guitarscapes.

The track Chicos y Chicas from my UPM album Mediterraneo is the soundtrack for the new Hey Car commercial airing from 14 August. View "You Just Need Somewhere To Park Your Pride And Joy"  

The Disappeared has been nominated at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival 2019 in the best institutional/education film category. There have been over 1000 entries this year for the 30 prizes awarded at this world leading festival. Produced by Fulmar Films for Artists In Motion, the film investigates the disappearance at sea, and the suspected murders of fisheries observers working the Pacific tuna fisheries. Director Kimberley Stewart, Exec. Mark Wild. My earthMusic library has provided the score. 

June/July 2019

Love Island - Music from my Universal catalogue is featured in one of the most talked about shows on tv - love it or hate it!  Love Island site

Tales From The Lobby (BBC Radio 4) with star political reporter Michael Crick - a new ten part series featuring music from my Universal catalogue. BBC Sounds site

Florida: America's Animal Paradise - BBC2. earthMusic tracks feature in this film produced by Rowan Crawford and narrated by Paul McGann. Watch on iPlayer

May 2019

  • earthMusic has provided the score for The Disappeared - a new campaign film from Fulmar Films for Artists In Motion.
  • Alaska - Earth's Frozen Kingdom - BBC4. A repeat of this epic BBC series that features music from both my earthMusic library and my Universal collections.


  • I've been commissioned to score a new Christmas special for National Geographic. It's working title is 'Santa's wild Home' and will premiere Christmas 2019. The production company is Terra Mater, and director is Matt Hamilton. I last worked with Matt on the multi-award winning series "Islands In Time", also for Nat Geo. 
  • Ice Age: Return of The Mammoths - CH4. Music from my album ‘The Wonder Of Science’ features in this new prime time series. 
  • Coast - The Great Guide -Scotland's Western Isles - BBC4. A welcome repeat of this iconic series. Some great use of tracks from my UPM album - ‘The Road Less Travelled’.
  • How To Invent A Country. BBC Radio 4 - my UPM music in this long running series presented by Mischa Glenny.   

February 2019

Narcos - Rise Of the Cartels (Kuju and Curve Digital for Gaumont) due Q3 2019. 
A new game for PC’s and consoles based on Gaumont’s Emmy® and Golden Globe nominated hit series, Narcos. I have arranged for and played all South American instruments (Ronroco, Charango and Cuatro) for this much anticipated new game. Official Trailer 

Venus Uncovered: Ancient Goddess of Love - BBC4 -  Prof. Bettany Hughes explores classical myths. Music from my album ‘Ronroco Magic’ features. BBC Film Site

Humpback Whales: A Detective Story - BBC2  - a film from producer/director Tom Mustill. The international version of this film uses several cues from my earthMusic library. BBC Series Site

  • Masters Of The Pacific Coast: Tribes Of The American Northwest - A welcome repeat on BBC4 for this fascinating series - music from my Universal (UPM) albums features. BBC Series Site

January 2019

  • The Victorian House Of Arts And Crafts - BBC2. This new BBC series features many tracks from my earthMusic library. BBC Series Site
  • Ben Fogle: New Lives In the Wild - CH5. A raft of music from my BBC Production Music albums 'Celtic Lives' and 'Celtic Visions' features in this new series. CH5 Series Site
  • Earth's Great Rivers - BBC2. Starts New Year's Day 2019. My Ronroco playing is featured in this new three part series from the BBC Natural History Unit. Series Producer - Mark Flowers, Film Editor - Mark Fox. The rivers: The Amazon, the Mississippi, and The Nile. BBC Series Site

December 2018

  • Katrina Costello's beautiful film The Silver Branch is doing well at the festivals! earthMusic and Universal tracks from my catalogue feature:

2018  - Hot Docs Toronto - Audience Award 
2018  - Innsbruck - Best Environmental Film 
2018 -  Banff - Best Culture Film

The Last Artisan - a feature documentary from US director Craig McTurk sells out two screenings at The 29th Singapore International Film Festival. earthMusic features on much of the soundtrack. View trail on the Singapore Film Festival Site.

  • New BBC2 landmark series Earth's Sacred Wonders: I'm submitting earthMusic playlists for use in the final soundtrack. Film Editor - John Steventon, Series Producer - Matt Barrett.
  • In Bristol studio recording two new albums. 

November 2018

  • The Spanish series for Netflix, "La Casa de Papel" (Money Heist), took home the coveted Best Drama award this month at the 46th annual International Emmy Awards. Music from my album for Universal - Ronroco Magic features.
  • Dynasties - BBC. My track “Beautiful Mind” is featured in the international version of this acclaimed new Sir David Attenborough series. It underscores an extended sequence in the “Emperor” episode which covered the struggles of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. The track is from my UPM album “The Living Soul”. Listen
  • My new album - Guitarscapes (CHAP475) is one of the most downloaded albums this month on the Universal site. Listen on Spotify
  • Mediterranean with Simon Reeve BBC2 - music from a number of my albums for Universal appear in this new Simon Reeve series.
  • The Whale Detectives - a new film for the BBC's Natural World strand will feature earthMusic tracks. Director is the award winning rising star - Tom Mustill.

October 2018

  • I'm attending the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol from 15th - 19th October. One of the nominated films - Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World features music from my earthMusic library. This film has already won the Grierson Award for Best Natural History Documentary.
  • My albums Guitarscapes and The Wonder Of Science are released by Universal this month. 
  • The new series of Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild, for Channel 5, features tracks from several of my albums for Universal.
  • I Am Echoborg  - a funny and thought-provoking performance that is created each night by the audience in conversation with an artificial intelligence.“Somewhere between participatory theatre and open warfare.”  Developed by Digital Artist Rik Lander Echoborg is a finalist in the Festival Of  Story Telling 2018 -New York. earthMusic tracks feature.
  • The Last Artisan - a feature documentary from US director Craig McTurk is into final post. earthMusic features on much of the soundtrack.
  • Dark Skies- a beautiful film from US producer Elaine Clarke is released on Science Friday - NPR. Tracks from my  BBC Production Music album The Living Soul feature.
  • Wild Mediterranean - The Menorcan Sea - from director Sergi Escandell features a soundtrack entirely scored with earthMusic tracks. A film commissioned by the Menorcan Tourist Board.

September 2018

  • Jenny and I are attending the PMA Production Music Conference at the Loews Hotel, Hollywood, Los Angeles Sept. 26-28. We are representing our earthMusic production music library. Looking forward to interesting meetings - and parties!
  • My new album for UPM - The Human Machine is released to the industry. 'Can Artificial Intelligence and Humankind co-exist?'  The Human Machine
  • Jamie Cooks Italy - CH4 - tracks from my UPM album  Mediterraneo feature in this latest romp with Jamie Oliver.
  • The Secret History Of Landfill: A Rubbish History - BBC4. Tracks from my UPM catalogue feature. 
  • Amazing Interiors - Netflix - my music for UPM also features in this colourful new Netflix series.

August 2018

  • earthMusic features in Ammonite's ground breaking new series for Terra Mater and National Geographic - Age of the Big Cats 
  • We have closed a deal to supply music from my earthMusic library for an eight part Indian conservation series (Discovery/Animal Planet) - 'On the Brink'. Produced in New Delhi by The Gaia People -

July 2018

I'm delivering three new instrumental albums to Universal (UPM) The Human Machine, Magic Guitar and The Wonder Of Science. I recorded the music in multiple locations, using my little mobile studio - Bristol. Cornwall. Crete, and France.

June 2018

ALBATROSS - this beautiful and devastating film is launched worldwide as a free download and stream on June 8th World Ocean Day

The Miniaturist - Dan Jones (composer) wins the Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack. I'm proud to have played classical guitar on the beautiful "Nella's Theme".  
The Ivors celebrate, honour and reward excellence in songwriting and composing. Created by BASCA in 1956, they are named in honour of Ivor Novello, and represent the pinnacle of musical achievement and peer recognition in the music industry. 

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) - Netflix - '..your next binge watch..'  NME.  Tracks from my album Ronroco Magic feature in this much acclaimed Spanish crime caper.

Albatross screens at the Watershed Cinema Bristol June 5th. SOLD OUT

May 2018

ALBATROSS - UK Premier Bristol IMAX theatre 23rd May 7.30pm - with Q&A on music with me!   SOLD OUT

Islands in Time wins the 61st CINE Golden Eagle Award 2018 for Professional Media in the category of Nonfiction Content: Series/Mini-Series.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - BBC Radio 4 - x10 part series - earthMusic tracks feature.

I'm putting the finishing touches to three new albums I've composed for Universal (UPM). The working titles for the albums are: The Human Machine, The Wonder Of Science, and Magic Guitarscapes.

The Miniaturist: (BBC1). Dan Jones, the composer on this BBC1 historical drama (screened on Boxing Day 2017), has been nominated for best TV score at the May 2018 Ivor Novello Awards. I played classical guitar for Nella's Theme.

  • I am attending a Mix With the Masters course with legendary record mixer - Tchad Blake. (U2, Tom Waites, Arctic Monkeys, Sheryl Crow, The Black Keys). The week long masterclasses take place at the beautiful residential French studio La Fabrique near Saint-Remy en Provence. May 5 - 11.

April 2018

  • I'm working on music in Crete till 26th April.
  • Winner - New York Gold Medal Award for Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey. 
  • Winner - Best Environmental Film for Ep2 Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey"Bewitched By the Moon" - Missoulla International Wildlife Film Festival
  • Finalist Tusks Horns and Antlers - Nature's Wildest Weapons - Best Broadcast Feature Missoulla International Wildlife Film Festival - earthMusic features.
  • Albatross - Chris Jordan's extraordinary film wins Best In Festival - Princeton Environmental Film Festival and is set for worldwide release on June 8th - World Ocean Day. 

March 2018

  • I'm in western Crete (Kissamos) with my wife Jenny, prepping two new albums for Universal. 
  • The Peacemaker opens in LA - 23rd March, The Music Hall,  9036 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, and The Roxie, San Francisco 30th March.

February 2018

  • The  award winning documentary I scored, The Peacemaker, opens in New York, Feb 9th, ahead of a wider release. It's the New York Times Critic's Pick!!
  •  “Jaguars - Brazil's Super Cats” produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and Nat Geo Wild has been nominated in the Conservation category of the International Big Cats Film Festival 2018, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Winners announced March 2nd.
  • I'm working with my earthMusic library and the production team behind a new BBC Natural History Unit series about three of the world's great rivers: The Amazon, The Mississippi and The Nile. TX TBA - BBC2 and PBS 2019.
  • January 2018
  • Red Bull Media House have released the soundtrack album of Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey. I composed the score for this award winning series for National Geographic. It is on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more platforms from 26th January.
  • My track "A Place Of Hope" is in the top 50 downloaded tracks of 2017 from the Universal (UPM) site. It was written for the Atmosphere label's album - "Pulse".
  • Hairy Bikers Mediterranean Adventure BBC1 - My music for Universal features in this series, broadcasting throughout the month.
  • December 2017
  • Boxing Day 2017 - BBC1 9pm - The Miniaturist. I am playing Nella's Theme on classical guitar for this new drama series set in 17th century Amsterdam. The score is by Ivor Novello Award winning composer Dan Jones.
  • Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain - BBC2 - a new series broadcasting this month. Music from my Universal catalogue is featured..
  • November 2017
  • Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World - EP 1 - Wins Best Natural History Documentary at the Grierson Awards 2017 and the RTS NI Specialist Factual AwardearthMusic tracks feature.
  • Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey  - news is coming through of numerous awards and nominations for this series I scored. See Film & TV Credits page for details of awards so far.
  • I'm working with multi award winning producer Steve Nicholls (Hooded Crow Pictures), on his new series Wonder Bugs for The Smithsonian Channel. Steve produced the hugely successul BBC insect series - Alien Empire. My earthMusic library is providing the entire score.
  • Weird And Wonderful Pets - presented by Stewart McPherson of Redfern Prods, goes live on his Youtube channel. the series is soundtracked entirely by earthMusic .
    View Here: Weird And Wonderful Pets.
  • October 2017
  • I'm recording ideas in Cornwall and Crete this month - a new album for Universal.
  • The Sky At Night - BBC4 - Very proud that earthMusic features with many tracks chosen to soundtrack Eps 722 and 723 of this iconic BBC show.
  • September 2017
  • The Silver Branch is finally wrapped. A moving and beautiful new feature doc from director Katrina Costello, (Ireland). Ten years of work. The filmscore features music from my Universal and earthMusic albums.
  • I'm recording the theme for a major new BBC drama. An adaptation of Jessie Burton's novel The Miniaturist, the score is by Ivor award winning composer Dan Jones. I'm playing "Nella's Theme" on classical guitar. TX TBA Christmas 2017.
  • A new series of Tribes Predators and Me with Gordon Buchanan is starting on BBC2 - 9pm Sept. 6th. earthMusic tracks are featured.
  • Mountains: Life At the Extreme a spectacular new series for BBC2 - Wednesdays 9pm. Series Producer Steve Greenwood. earthMusic tracks featured.

August 2017

Jaguars: Brazil's Super Cat a BBC film for The Natural World strand, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, has been nominated for Best Conservation Film at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 24- 29 Sept 2017. My music features throughout - ronroco, guitar, charango and percussion.

Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World - the BBC series from award winning director John Murray of Crossing The Line Prods has been nominated for Best Presenter Lead Series at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017 My music features alongside that of Emmy award winning Celtic band Kila (Song Of the Sea, The Secret Of Kells).     

Music from my Universal catalogue is featured this month in Dangerous Borders - a new prime time series for BBC2 - Tuesdays at 9pm.

July 2017

  • Islands In Time Ep 3 - Ruled By the Sun has won the Special Jury Prize at NaturVision Film Festival Gemany (July 13-16 2017) '..the jury honours this film with a special prize – a prize for the most beautiful film of this year’s festival. Concept and editing; imagery and script; the use of music and the skilful implementation of the original sounds – as well as the art of narration: the result of all these ingredients is a true masterpiece far off our traditional festival categories..'
  • RONROCO MAGIC - my new album for Universal is released this month. Stream the album HERE.   The album is also released in the USA by major publisher First Com. Visit the First Com site and read a great write up of the album HERE                                                         
  • I am recording demos for new albums for Universal - 2018. Various recording locations - from Menorca in the Spanish Balearic islands, to The Lizard in Cornwall.
  • June 2017
  • ALBATROSS - screening on World Ocean Day June 8 -  at the UN in New York.
  • I have delivered a new album to Universal - Mediterraneo. It's inspired by music from all around the Mediterranean. I play guitars, bouzouki, mandolins, with David Oliver on drums, Dan Hawkins - bass, Claudio Allodi - accordion and Heather Gordon-Redfearn - clarinet.
  • Back To The Falklands: Brothers In Arms. Panorama Special. BBC1 June 5th 2017. Director - Stephen Mizelas. Music from both my UPPM and earthMusic collections is featured alongside tracks by Craig Armstrong, The Cult and Agnes Obel. BBC Programme Site
  • May 2017
  • Albatross - the much anticipated launch of this film, eight years in the making. Director - Chris Jordan. Premiered this month at the prestigeous US film festival Mountain Film  Telluride, Colorado 26-29th May. A special screening on World Ocean Day June 8 -  at the UN in New York. More premieres to follow around the world.
  • Islands In Time Ep 2 - Bewitched By the Moon, has been nominated for Best Marine Film at Germany's Green Screen Film Festival Sept 13-17 2017. This is Europe's largest yearly wildlife film festival. I scored all the music for this series.
  • Mexico: Earth's Festival Of Life  - BBC2 - 7th - 21st May. Music from my earthMusic library is featured in this new three part series from the BBC Natural History Unit.
  • May 4th 9pm - a timely repeat of a moody and gripping film I scored for National Geographic - The Hunt For Hitler's Scientists - on the  Yesterday channel.
  • April 2017
  • Columbia with Simon Reeve BBC2  9pm 16 April - Music from my  album The Road Less Travelled (UPPM) features in this doc.
  • The Peacemaker has won the Jury Prize at Cleveland International Film Festival April 2017.
  • Delivery of a new album to Universal- Ronroco Magic. It features 20 tracks of atmospheric ronroco music and will be released early summer 2017. The ronroco is a larger ten stringed cousin of the charango - both originate from Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. The instrument has been made famous by film composer Gustavo Santaolalla (Babel/Brokeback Mountain/Motorcycle Diaries).
  • Nature's Wildest Weapons: Horns Tusks And Antlers - BBC2 - 18 April 9pm - earthMusic tracks featured in this film alongside the music of Paul Hartnoll (Orbital).
  • March 2017
  • earthMusic is providing key music for Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World - a new BBC series from award winning director John Murray of Crossing The Line Prods. Ep 1 - Friday 17 March 9pm BBC2.
  • Wild Argentina - my earthMusic library is providing many ronroco and charango tracks for this new series made by Off The Fence Prods. TX TBA
  • Soundwaves: The Symphony of Physics - music from two of my albums for Universal can be heard on a this new series for BBC4 series start date Thursday 2nd March 9pm.  The albums are Shadow On the Sun, and Inspiring Worlds.
  • Midway - I am working on music for Chris Jordan's upcoming film (see trail above).
  • Continuing work on new ronroco album for Universal.
  • Tribes Predators And Me - a new series with Gordon Buchanan - earthMusic featured. TX TBA 2017 BBC1
  • Mountains BBC2 (working title) - this new BBC series is also digging deep into the earthMusic library.
  • February 2017
  • Gone to The Lizard in Cornwall to record a new ronroco album for Universal. No phone signal or landline in the cottage, but picking up mail once a day from the top of a nearby hill. I'm recording using Sontronics amazing new valve microphones - Mercury and Aria. More soon.
  • January 2017
  • 28 Jan - We have now finished the soundmixes for all episodes of an epic and magical series for National Geographic about the Indonesian archipelago - Islands in Time: A Wildlife Oddysey.  Ep1 - Born Of Fire,  Ep2 - Bewitched By The Moon, and Ep3 - Ruled By the Sun.  Great mixes by Graham Wild (Planet Earth 2) at Films@59 Bristol. '..outstanding music ..' Graham Wild.  
  • earthMusic tracks and tracks from my Universal collections are featuring in a new adventure series for ITV - Robson Crusoe: A Surprising Adventure - starring Robson Greene as a castaway on a deserted island in the South China Sea. TX 9pm Jan 3rd 2017
  • December 2016
  • The film trail for The Unknown Girl (in UK cinemas from Dec 2nd) features a track from my album What Lies Within on the Chappell Noir label. The film is by twice Palme D'Or winners the Dardenne brothers.
  • Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream for BBC4. A new history series presented by Simon Sebag Montifiore. The team are using my earthMusic library for key sequences. TX of episode 1-  Dec 8th at 8pm.
  • The Case of JonBenet Ramsey - the More4 trailer for this TV mini-series features the track "A Dangerous Road" from my album What Lies Within for Universal's Chappell Noir label.
  • Attack Of the Drones, a track from my Universal album - Shadow On The Sun, is the trailer music for True Supernatural, a new series for the Really Channel.
  • Digging for Britain (with Dr Alice Roberts) - BBC2 - Music from my album What Lies Within for Universal's Chappell Noir label, features in this fifth series of the popular BBC archaeology show.  Episode 1 - 9pm 9th December.
  • November 2016 
  • I've been nominated at the Production Music Awards 2016 in the Factual Sync category. The nominated music is from my album for Universal (UPPM) - The Road Less Travelled, and was used in a delightful sequence in the BBC Natural World - Jaguars : Brazil's Super Cats. 
  • Whites v Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation - earthMusic tracks in this excellent film on BBC2 9pm Sunday 27 Nov.
  • Music from my album War And Struggle (for Universal) can be heard on a new series for BBC4 this month - Russia: A Century Of Suspicion.
  • Frontier Borneo is a new ten part series for Discovery. Produced by Beach house Pictures, with music from my earthMusic library. TX TBA 
  • October 2016
  • I'm attending Wildscreen Festival 2016  Oct 10-14 Bristol UK. UPDATE OCT 14  - The Ivory Game , a powerful film from Terra Mater has won the highest gong at Wildscreen Fest 2016 - The Golden Panda. This is the Austrian company for which I am working on a new series - Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey, to be delivered early 2017
  • Undercover: Nailing The Fraudsters - CH5 - tracks from my album on UPPM - What Lies Within - on this series during October.
  • Book Of The Week - BBC Radio 4 - tracks from my BBC PM album The Living Soul can be heard on this flagship radio series this month. You can stream and license The Living Soul on Universal's site here, or buy the album on iTunes here.
  • Universal have entered my track Moonlight Shimmers for the Production Music Awards 2016The track is from my UPPM album The Road Less Travelled, and the film sequence is from the film: Jaguars: Brazil's Super Cats, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
  • September 2016
  • Jaguars: Brazil's Super Cats - I'm working with Joe Stevens at the BBC Natural Histroy Unit on the music for his new film for the BBC2 Natural World strand. It's a powerful story about the re-wilding of orphaned Jaguars to the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil. Sir David Attenborough is narrating. Broadcast date and time - Wed 14 Sept 9pm BBC2.
  • Continuing special composition work on Paradise Islands: Wild South East Asia for National Geographic.
  • Earth's Seasonal Secrets - BBC1. Music from my Universal collections can be heard on this major new series for the BBC this month.
  • CCTV: Neighbourhood Watchers - ITV. My Universal music also on this series  broadcasting this month.
  • BBC Producer/director David Briggs is using my Universal music for his new film on the science of sound - Sound Waves - to be broadcast on BBC4 later this year.
  • August 2016
  • My album "Distant Lands" for UPPM Records has been launched on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. View on iTunes along with my other commercial releases here. To license for all media - get in touch with UPPM here.
  • Blitz Cities - Cardiff with John Humphries BBC2 4th August at 6.30pm - a timely repeat of this moving film, most of the music sequences are from either my earthMusic library or my collections for Universal. BBC Blitz Cities iPlayer
  • Masters Of the Pacific Coast: The Tribes of the American Northwest - BBC4. on iPlayer - Tracks from my Universal collections can be heard on this amazing new series presented by Jago Cooper, and also on: 
  • The Mystery Of Van Gogh's Ear- (presented by Jeremy Paxman) - BBC2. iPlayer
  • Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain Challenge - BBC2  iPlayer
  • Islands In A Desert Sea - my earthMusic library is providing the entire soundtrack for this new film by John Boyle of SharkBay Productions. Set in and off the Baja of Mexico, it's visually stunning. Distribution will be through Earth Touch.
  • July 2016
  • I've been commissioned to write tracks for a new Universal production music album - Pulse. 
  • My music can be heard on a new three part series for BBC2 this month. New Zealand : Earth's Mythical Islands. It begins Tuesday 19th July at 9pm BBC2. Series Producer is Mark Flowers.
  • Also tracks from my albums for Universal feature this month and into August on: The Refugee Camp: Our Desert Home - a new series for BBC2.
  • earthMusic is providing tracks for a Menorcan government promotional film on diving and snorkelling around Menorca. Directed by Sergei Escandell.
  • June 2016
  • I start work on a new three part series for National Geographic. It's about the amazing natural history of the Indonesian archipelago. Series producer - Paul Reddish for Terra Mater Factual Studios.
  • A new three part series for BBC2 - City In the Sky is getting very good reviews - my earthMusic library is providing many of the music cues. Broadcast begins Sunday 5th June.
  • Also this month earthMusic is used for key sequences in a new Ed Stafford - Marooned series for Discovery Channel, series producer - Tim Walker for Tigress Productions.
  • May 2016
  • My new album for Universal - Distant Lands - is now online at Universal's site. Stream Here
  • A favourite album I recorded for UPPM - The Road Less Travelled - has now been made available on iTunes and the rest! A track from this album - Coastal Colours, makes up a part of my score for the incredible film The Peacemaker. Music from the same album also features in new series The Silk Road on BBC4 this month. Here is the iTunes Link to all five of my commercially released albums.
  • Back from five days at Toronto Hot Docs, where The Peacemaker received more standing ovations on each screening. A real buzz about this film '..Breathtakingly poetic..' - Toronto Film Scene, and special mentions for the music '..beautiful work..'Myrecia Watamaniuk - Hot Docs festival programmer. The film is coming to Sheffield Doc Fest 2016 in June.
  • April 2016

The Peacemaker receives standing ovation at it's World Premiere, April 9th, Full Frame Festival, Durham, North Carolina!

  • Very proud to share this: The Peacemaker - International Premiere - Hot Docs Toronto (April 28 - May 6 2016) - Special Presentatations.  World Premiere - Full Frame Documentary Festival (April 7 - 10 2016). These are the two most important documentary festivals in North America. A double whammy! Jenny and I will be travelling to Toronto and attending the screening at the Light Box Theatre 29th April. Q & A with director after. This is Toronto's biggest theatre and the HQ of the Toronto Film Festival.
  • My new album "Distant Lands" (Universal UPPM) is set to launch 5th May.
  • Siren - a participatory digital horror performance at Bristol Old Vic 15th April. A collaboration with RTS award winning director Rik Lander and Jennifer Bell, composer and Associate Artist of Tobacco Factory Theatres.
  • Life In the Air BBC1 a new series from the BBC Natural History Unit is using my earthMusic library for key sequences. Series begins Sunday 3rd April. Series Producer- James Brickell
  • March 2016
  • My album What Lies Within (Universal) is released today (March 20th) on iTunes, Spotify and the rest! Here it is: What Lies Within - iTunes. 
  • Dark Vision - experience this horror film in Redcliffe Caves March 13. An immersive screening as part of Bristol Film Festival's "Horror In the Caves"  programme. "..wonderfully atmospheric music from Al Lethbridge.." - The Hollywood Investigator. The director is Darren Flaxtone.  Nominated at the RTS awards. Official selection Terror Festival. Official selection Dark Scream Festival.
  • February 2016
  • My earthMusic library is providing key music sequences for a new landmark BBC series on the natural history of New Zealand. The series producer is Mark Flowers.
  • World War Two - A Time Watch Guide - BBC4. A fascinating documentary from the Time Watch team. "War" from my album War and Struggle, is the title music.
  • I'm continuing work on The Peacemaker - for Sundance.
  • January 2016
  • The Peacemaker. Director James Demo is coming over from Boston to my studio in Bristol. We will be in lockdown for several days while we work on the score. The film is supported and funded by The Sundance Institute.
  • Distant Lands - continuing work on my new album for March release on Universal. 
  • Utopias is being heavily trailed on Radio 4 - the music is from my album The Living Soul on BBC Production Music.
  • The Woman Who Forgave The Nazis - Channel 4 trailer uses my UPPM track "Eyes Of Fear" from the album Cinematic Drama
  • Pour Un Meillure Monde - this film directed by Claire Barreau and edited by ACE winning film editor Sabine Emiliani (March Of The Penguins) is on TV3 France this month - earthMusic tracks throughout.
  • December 2015 
  • Universal Publishing have commissioned me to make a solo album - "Distant Lands".  Release date is set for March 2016.
  •  My earthMusic library is providing the complete soundtrack for Castro's Secret Reef, a 50 minute documentary film by director John Boyle of Sharkbay Films -  to be broadcast on the Smithsonian Channel in the US, and National Geographic worldwide early in 2016. Terrestrial sales through EarthTouch.
  • Patagonia with Huw Edwards - first shown on BBC1 in June 2015, and for which I wrote an entirely acoustic score, is repeated on BBC4 3rd Dec. 
  • My music can also be heard in Japan : Earth's Enchanted Islands on BBC2 this month.
  • November 2015 
  • My new album What Lies Within is released on new label Chappell Noir:
  • Some comments on What Lies Within: "... I could imagine Ben Wishaw on some bleak hill, in the gloaming.  Lank hair ripped across his face by the wind.  Rain. Winter. Grey. Tears. That's what I see. Yes - there's Floyd in there too. Great stuff.."  Tim Leandro - Director (Ultimate Force, The Vice, Casualty, Eastenders
  • “…a supremely strong and interesting album, I believe we have a wonderful product here really shows off the new Chappell Noir label..I really think this album is a killer ..” Kristian Pilling, Senior Producer, Universal Publishing Production Music
  • " all sounds amazing - bravo sir! Lovely touches all the way through and bang on for sync I'd say! "  Dan Brown - Producer/Writer (Massive Attack)
  • "....David Gilmour meets John Barry.." Jamie MacPhail (Emergency Duty Team - Bristol & Avon Social Services)
  • I start work on The Peacemaker - director James Demo, for Central Square Films, Boston - a 90 minute feature documentary part funded by the Sundance Institute. Central Square Films website. For international festival release 2016.
  • October 2015 
  • Sandesh Kandur's (Mountains Of the Monsoon) film,  Eastern Himalaya - Ancient Risks - Future Threats - a climate change film set in the Himalayas, has been nominated at the CMS Vatavaran Film Festival Delhi. earthMusic has provided the entire soundtrack.
  • My music can be heard on many programmes broadcasting this month including:
  • The Celts: Blood Iron And Sacrifice BBC2
  • Britain's Medieval Vampires  More4
  • Secrets Of the Dead - Vampire Legend WNET Thirteen
  • Lost Kingdoms Of Central America BBC4.
  • The Great British Year BBC4
  • Great Canal Journeys Ch4
  • September 2015 
  •  Patagonia Earth's Secret Paradise - I have contributed a raft of music from my earthMusic and UPPM libraries to this stunning new "Mini Landmark" three part series for the BBC Natural History Unit, TX begins 9pm Friday 25th Sept BBC2. Series Producer Tuppence Stone.  BBC Programme Site
  • Countdown to Life - The Extraordinary Making Of You (with Michael Moseley) BBC2. earthMusic is contributing key music sequences for the international version of this major new three part BBC series - UK broadcast begins Sept 14th.
  • Professor Marcus du Sautoy presents "The Secret Rules Of Modern Living : Algorithms" director David Briggs, coming to BBC4 24th September  - earthMusic is featured throughout.
  • earthMusic is providing soundtracks for new BBC2 and PBS (WNET) mini-series India: Nature's Wonderland, Series Prod. Ben Southwell, Exec Producer - Julian Hector, beginning Tuesday 1st September 9pm BBC2, and Blitz Cities (with John Humphries) - BBC1 Wales Sept 2nd, and BBC1 nationwide Sept 10th.  Film Editor - John Parker, PD - Georgina Lee,  Exec Prod - Christina Macaulay.
  • I've now finished work on director Sandesh Kandur's (Mountains Of the Monsoon) film,  Eastern Himalaya - Ancient Risks - Future Threats - a climate change film set in the Himalayas. More news soon on screenings.
  • August 2015
  •  A new mini-series for BBC4 is digging deep into the earthMusic library  Colour: The Spectrum of Science - Series Producer - Graeme Thomson. Also busy with Skyworlds - a new series for BBC1 and PBS, series producer - James Brickell.  Both series to be broadcast later in 2015/2016.
  • Start work on a new album for Universal - working title is "Lost Gods: Distant Lands". The concept: Game Of Thrones meets Motorcycle Diaries.
  • Watch Emmy Award nominated wildlife cameraman John Waters' stunning new showreel. It features  "Stairway To The Deep" throughout, a track from my earthMusic library : WATCH HERE
  • Watch this beautiful short film by underwater cameraman and director Ken O'Sullivan- a mystical polemic for the ocean. It features my music throughout, and has just been nominated for Best Short Film and Best Cinematography at the Kinsale Sharks Festival: WATCH Reflections of an Underwater Cameraman.
  • July 2015
  • Delivering a new album for Universal - "What Lies Within" -  a brooding and melancholic musical study of psychopaths and murder. This album will launch Universal's new Chappell Noir label - Autumn 2015.
  •  A number of spooky tracks from my earthMusic library are being used by Icon Films for a new film in CH4's  Secret History strand - "England's Vampires".  Film Editor - Sue Outlaw. A co-pro with PBS.
  •  Music from my earthMusic library is featuring in Natures's Greatest Dancers a new BBC NHU series for BBC1, Producer - Clare Brook.
  •  A new BBC Science show "The Secret Rules Of Modern Living : Algorithms" director David Briggs, is coming to BBC4 in 2015 earthMusic is featured throughout.
  • Contributing music from the earthMusic library to a new BBC series about The Blitz with John Humphries. Film editor John Parker, Director Georgina Lee.
  • June 2015
  • Patagonia with Huw Edwards - BBC1 Wales and iPlayer Monday 9pm 1st June -  a rare example of truly heartfelt TV. I've written a score of folk melodies and arrangements of Welsh Hymns using latin instruments - Ronroco, Charango, Spanish Guitar. 
  • My earthMusic library is exclusively used for a new French environmental film - "The Messenger " for Boreales films, Paris, and TV3 France. Director - Claire Branneau, Film Editor Sabine Emiliani.
  • May 2015
  • One Round In The Chamber -  working with Nicolai Galatzine on this new short drama film. Nicolai has been the VFX guy on films like Hellraiser 3, Candyman, Treasure Island. A talented new director and script writer.
  • April 2015  My earthMusic library is used in Kill The Christians - This World BBC2. Working on The Crime a new album for Universal.
  • March 2015
  • I'm working with director Marc Edwards and film editor John Parker on a new doc for BBC4 - Patagonia with Huw Edwards.
  • Feb 2015
  • A collaboration with Parisian artist Catherine Volk in a live music and exhibition event at PREMA Arts Uley Gloucestershire 15th Feb. I have written eight pieces of layered guitar and found sound atmospheres, inspired by eight of Catherine's print tryptichs. 
  • My earthMusic library is used exclusively for Ebola Diary - a harrowing but superb two part 50 minute documentary series premiered Feb 6th and 13th on Channel News Asia. Rest of the world later this year. Directed and produced by Jeremy Bristow for Make Productions. 
  • Jan 2015
  • Jan 26  -   My BBC PM sci-fi album Shadow On Sun is released on UPPM Records. Find it here along with my other albums on general release - iTunes
  •  I have written the main theme music for Cloud Howe  Radio 4's new Sunday afternoon drama. Based on Lewis Gribbon's powerful sequel to Sunset Song and dramatised by Donna Franceschild. Starts Sun 25 Jan 2015
  •  I'm contributing music from my new earthMusic library to Alaska - Earth's Frozen Kingdom the new "Mini Landmark" Natural History series for BBC2, to be broadcast during Feb 2015. 
  • December 2014 
  • I'm in Cornwall 3rd to 14th, recording ideas for a dark concept album - sort of Mean Streets meets Sin City. Electric guitars and shock textures.
  • Very warm response to my gig at the Rikzy Cinema, Bristol. I played guitar over backing tracks and re-edited versions of BBC films I have scored - just music and visuals. All followed by a rare screening of Kabloonak - a feature starring Charles Dance that tells the story of the making of Nanook Of The North.  Read about the evening here.
  • November 2014 
  • I have a new sci fi album just launched on BBC Production Music (Universal). Shadow On The Sun.
Two years in the making, the album’s release coincides with the BFI's nationwide science fiction season "Days Of Fear And Wonder”, and the BBC's sci fi season which begins with Tomorrows Worlds  Saturday 23rd Nov BBC2 at 21.45.It has been a bit like a space mission - planning, construction, lift off, orbit and finally landing. Hear Shadow On the Sun.
  • October 2014   
  • 15th Oct. Premier of Sarah Tibbets' film for Multi Story - Dogs, Chains And Chaos. It features music from my new earthMusic library. I will be officially launching earthMusic at the 2014 Wildscreen Festival in Bristol, Oct. 19- 24.
  • September 2014
  • Lost Kingdoms Of Central America - Mondays from 15th Sept - BBC4. Music from my album The Road Less Travelled (Universal Publishing) is extensively featured in this great 4 part series. My music is also featured in Jungle Atlantis - BBC2, a 2 parter starting 26th Sept, about the 12th century Khmer empire of Cambodia.  I'm putting the finishing touches to my new Sci Fi album for BBC Production Music - Shadow On The Sun, and working with director Sandesh Kandur (Mountains Of the Monsoon) on a climate change film set in the Himalayas.
  • August 2014 
  • Working with director Sarah Tibbets on her film for Multi Story - Dogs, Chains And Chaos. Also with RTS Award winning interactive digital artist Rick Lander on "How To Get to the Top" a digital drama - premier - 15th Sept. at the Watershed Bristol.
  • July 2014  -
  •  Sailing off Atlantic Islands of France. Amazing hot weather, winds in wrong direction for getting to Spain though..
  • June 2014 -
  • Broadcast dates have been finalised for two television projects. Ireland's Ocean - a major new series for RTE One Ireland, begins 6.30pm Sunday 22nd June and runs for four weeks. Also one of the strangest films I've ever worked on: Hitler's Jurassic Monsters, is premiered on National Geographic Channels at 8pm 17th June.
  • May 2014 - 
  • Working with BBC on two new series, to be announced.
  • April 2014 
  • Scoring Dreaming Of Dreamland for Margate Dreamland Trust.  Director - Tim Leandro (Casualty, Ultimate Force, The Vice) and narrated by Barbara Windsor.
  • Putting final touches to Episodes 3 - The Shallows and 4 - Life On The Floor - of Ireland's Ocean - series will be on air in June and July 2014 on RTE One.
  • Long in the making, two albums are finally released by Universal on the BBC Production Music label - Celtic Life and Celtic Visions. Al's writing and performing appears alongside that of renowned Scottish composer and musician Phil Cunningham.   Listen to Celtic Life.           Listen to Celtic Visions.
  • March 2014 
  • finishing the music for the first two episodes of new series "Ireland's Ocean" - Episode 1 - Dolphins, and Episode 2 - Shark Killers.
  • Feb 2014 
  • Recording a newly commissioned album for BBC Production Music. "Shadow On The Sun" - the score for an imagined sci-fi film. Its a concept Al has been developing over several years of dreaming John Carpenter movies, Alien, and Blade Runner.
  • Music from Al's album "War And Struggle" has featured in Jeremy Paxman's new BBC1 series "Britain's Great War" (TX - BBC1 Feb 2014) Listen/download the album HERE
  • Jan 2014
  • recording rough ideas for a new four part series - Ireland's Ocean - in a converted barn on the Lizard, Cornwall. Very stormy weather. But inspiring. Mindblowing big waves on Poldhu cove. Dangerous - breakers are 12 meters high. Winds nearly hurricane force.
  • December 2013:
  • Dec18th  Hitler's Jurassic Monsters - final mix today with dubbing mixer Ben Peace and Producer Jeremy Bristow at Wounded Buffalo  in Bristol - TX TBC 2014 National Geographic and Discovery.
  • November 2013
  • Al's writing collaboration with Hip Hop producer Jeevan Anandasivan is released by Universal on 29th Nov. The album is called The Blueprint. The album is heavily influenced by kung fu films, westerns, and crime movies. Al co wrote five of the tracks with Jeevan. Stream album HERE
  • Al has been commissioned to score a new four part series "Ireland's Oceans" for RTE. Filming under and over the seas around Ireland, this series promises to be unique and magical.  Series Producer is Ken O' Sullivan of Sea Fever Prods. Delivery - May 2014.
  • October  2013
  • Al has been commissioned to score Hitler's Jurassic Monsters (Quickfire Prods for Discovery and National Geographic). Delivery in 2014.
  • Dark Vision  
  • Horror movie premier of Dark Vision - New Wave Gothic Horror, starring Bernie Hodges, Alicia Ancel, Directed by Darren Flaxtone. Music by Al. The Hometown Premiere of DARK VISION, with a special after show party at the Phoenix: Friday 25th October 2013 at The Odeon Cinema, Broadmead, Bristol. 8pm for strict 8.30pm start.
  • The Great British Year BBC1 - this beautifully crafted series features music from my album The Living Soul (BBC Production Music) find the album HERE. The four part series begins 9pm 2nd October  2013. Go to BBC site HERE  
  • Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape - Natural World, BBC2 Producer Annie Backhouse 9pm October 4 2013.  BBC site HERE
  • September 2013
  • Celtic Mist - track 2 of my album The Road Less Travelled for the Chappell label is at no 11 of the top 50 most downloaded tracks from the Universal site for August 2013. It has also featured in the trail for Discovery's new series Amish Mafia. Hear the track and album HERE
  • Preparing a charity album - The Manta Queen - a major re-work of my score for the multi award winning BBC film Andrea: Queen Of Mantas. All proceeds to go to Dr Andrea Marshall's Marine Megafauna Foundation
  • August 2013  
  • Supplying multi layered guitar music for Tudor Crystal a new film by Martin Parr, renowned Magnum photographer.
  • July 2013  
  • Pure Guitar a new album for Universal's Chappel label is released:  Stream album here
  • Sailing Atlantic Islands off France. Recording at sea..
  • June 2013  Finished work on two album projects for Universal and the BBC Production Music label - a Celtic album, which also features renowned Scottish artist Phil Cunningham, and a guitar album, which also features Anthony Phillips, a founding member of Genesis. Both albums will be live on the Universal site by autumn this year.
  • May 12 2013  
  • Exposure - The Other Side Of Jimmy Saville - the ITV doc that started it all, is up for a BAFTA tonight. It has already won three Royal Television Society awards this year. It features music from Al's album The Living Soul on the BBC Production Music label.  Hear the album. This album is available to all film and TV producers. (see Production Music page)
  • April 2013  
  • '..Kellogg's Crunchy Nut storms onto screens in new Aliens ad...'  Hilarious new cinema and TV commercial launches this month. It features Al's music:  WATCH "ALIENS"
  • Murdoch - Battle With Britain - Steve Hewlett's film for BBC2 (TX 28 April) features music from Al's album The Road Less Travelled
  • Working on Orang Utans - the Great Ape Escape a new film for the BBC. TX TBC 2013
  • March 2013  
  • Recording musicians and mixing for new Celtic album for BBC Production Music. Irish and Scottish pipes, whistles, fiddle, guitars, vocals.   Continuing work on the Dark Vision score - gothic horror. This feature movie will launch at  The Day Of The Dead Festival October 2013
  • February 2013 
  •   Al's music is featured in the trail for a stunning environmental film by Chris Jordan for theatrical release in late 2013. The trail is called Midway - Message From The Gyre. Following its post, the trail has had over ten million views. Find the trail HERE. Visit the Midway site HERE.
  • February 2013  Al is composing horror "earworms" (and the music) for the new horror feature film Dark Vision from Stray Spark Prods.
  • January 2013  
  • Listen out for Al's Charango and Ronroco playing on David Attenborough's new BBC series Africa. Composers are Sarah Class and Will Slater. AFRICA's BBC Site    Wednesdays 9pm BBC1 through Jan and Feb 2013.
  • Al is composing soundtracks for the films being made to accompany the UK's World Landspeed Record bid. The Bloodhound Supersonic Car will be driven by RAF fighter pilot Andy Green. The target speed is a mindbending 1000mph in 0-55 seconds. Powered by a rocket bolted to a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine - this is a rocket on wheels. The bid will take place in South Africa's Hakskeen Pan Desert, in 2014. See more details and watch film Supersonic Car 2014 
  • December 2012
  •   Composing two new album pitches for BBC Production Music and Universal.
  • November 2012
  • Al is supplying music for new BBC series Bill Bailey's Jungle Adventure.
  • November 2012  Panorama Special - The Mind Readers TX 13 Nov BBC1 Featuring Al's music.
  • October 2012 -
  • Earth Sciences Award at Wildscreen 2012 goes to How To Grow A Planet - Life From Light, featuring music from Al's album Inspiring Worlds.
  • October 13-19 2012  
  • October 13 -19 2012 - Al is attending the world's foremost wildlife film festival - Wildscreen in Bristol UK. Two films he has scored are in competition - Empire Of the Desert Ants and Queen Of The Savannah. Two more feature his production music - Deadly 60 and How to Grow A Planet, and the trail for his current production Plastic Oceans will be screened by producer Jo Ruxton at the "Turning the Tide - How to make a splash in marine conservation" session:Thursday 18th Watershed cinema 1. 
  • October 8th 2012   The Road Less Travelled released on Universal's Chappell label.
  • September  Sailing and recording on boat off west coast of France for new BBC Celtic music album.
  • July/August2012 Working on new album for Universal
  • May,June 2012  Start work on Plastic Oceans, theatrical release in 2013
  • April 2012   Launch of Al's new album The Living Soul  (click on this link to stream the album) on the new BBC Production Music label. Al is playing live sets from the album at the NAB Show Las Vegas on April 16 and 17.
  • March 2012   In Cornwall on The Lizard recording Guitars and lots of exotic acoustic stringed instruments for new Universal album The Road Less Travelled  release date TBC autumn 2012.
  • Feb 2012   Al has been nominated for the RTS West Best Music Award for the BBC's "Empire Of The Desert Ants"  The other nominees are George Fenton for Frozen Planet, and Garry Hughes for Marathon Boy.
  • January 2012  Road trip - Bristol to Morocco and Sahara Desert - and back. Recording the music of Berber nomads. 4000 miles clocked on car.
  • December 2011   Commissioned to write the score for  "Plastic Oceans" a major conservation film coming to cinema screens in 2013. 'One of the most Important films of our time..' Sir David Attenborough. Visit the Plastic Oceans site.   
  • November 2011 The Giant Manta Ray has been afforded "Protected Species" status at the UN Convention of Migratory Species of Wild Animals  Bergen, Norway Nov 25th 2011. This move was much aided by the campaigning of Dr Andrea Marshall whose BBC film I scored. "Andrea: Queen Of Mantas" was shown to delegates just before the meeting to cast votes. This multi award winning documentary has already moved people all over the world, and has now shown the power of heartfelt campaigning television.   More news this month - The BBC's "Empire Of the Desert Ants" featuring Al's intense and atmospheric score has been entered for the  RTS Awards for Best Music.
  • November 2011   "Azorian: The Raising Of the K129" is shown over two nights on PBS UK Nov 30 and Dec 1st.
  • October 2011 - Al is supplying music for a new BBC film "Queen Of The Savannah"  for the Natural World strand. Producer is Verity White. Work completing on indie film - "Soup to Nuts" Directed by Tim Leandro (Ultimate Force, The Vice, Justice In Wonderland).
  • Sept 2011  another chance to see the outstanding BBC film Andrea: Queen Of Mantas (Sept 28th,8pm BBC2 and BBC HD). This film has now won ten international awards.  Visit the "Andrea Queen Of Mantas" BBC site   Begin recording first ideas for new spanish guitar album in Galicia, north western Spain.
  • Aug 2011  Aug 10th "Empire Of the Desert Ants" airs on BBC2 And BBC HD to much acclaim (see press page). Ant mayhem, filmed in exquisite and gruesome detail, with a dark score that was a lot of fun to write! "Empire Of The Desert Ants" BBC site     Start work on indie film- "Soup to Nuts" Directed by Tim Leandro (Ultimate Force, The Vice, Justice In Wonderland).
  • July 2011    Launch on Discovery Channel worldwide of "Azorian: The Raising Of the K129" a spectacular documentary from independent filmmaker Michael White. Set in 1974, at the height of the Cold War, it tells the  story of a top secret CIA mission to recover a wrecked Soviet nuclear submarine, from its resting place three miles down in the Pacific Ocean. The mission has been described as the greatest ever feat of twentieth century marine engineering - it was the oceanic equivalent of the Apollo missions to the moon. This film prompted the CIA to finally open their files and reveals the dramatic and covert involvement of the Howard Hughes Corporation, in the construction of one of the most elaborate smokescreens ever devised.   Azorian - the Trail - and for those of you who may be especially interested: Buy The DVD or Stream at Amazon
  • March - June 2011   I'm working on a new album for Universal, title is "The Living Soul". Set for a January 2012 launch.
  • February 2011   Universal seem to like "Inspiring Worlds" and they have now commissioned me for a new album. Start work on this now!
  • January 2011   Universal Publishing launch "Inspiring Worlds" Al's new production music album on the Atmosphere label. Listen now and download "Inspiring Worlds". I've now heard that a film I have been scoring for the BBC - "Empire Of the Desert Ants" will  be shown sometime in autumn 2011. I'll post updates on this.
  • December 2010    Al has been playing spanish, steel, and electric guitars for the BBC's new landmark series  "Madagascar". The composer is Brit award winning Sarah Class. 
  • November 2010  "The Dolphins Of Shark Bay" screened on BBC2 Nov 3rd to much acclaim. It featured on The One Show, BBC News, Radio 4's Woman's Hour and many more. The film is now on it's way around the world's tv networks and film festivals. Made by the same team behind the multi-award winning "Andrea: Queen Of Mantas" (also scored by Al), and directed by Emmy award winning Nick Stringer.    Visit the BBC film site
  • October 2010   Scoring "Love Not Loss" - a campaign film for Wildscreen, to be screened this month at the Nagoya Biodiversity Conference Japan. Al is attending the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol UK- the world's foremost natural history film festival. "Jane Goodall: Beauty And the Beasts" screened on BBC4. A definitive look at Jane's legacy. The film features Al's music alongside that of Max Richter and John Adams.   Visit the BBC film site
  • September 2010  Starting scoring a new film for the BBC -  "Empire Of The Desert Ants". and just got news that  "Andrea: Queen of Mantas" has scooped it's 9th international award at Green Screen, Germany (Best Marine Film) It's also been nominated at the Ocean Film Festival, Monterey, California. Visit the "Andrea Queen Of Mantas" BBC site
  • August 2010  Dolphins have swum away, now back on "Snork Maiden" with Jenny, and heading north from SW France towards Falmouth in Cornwall. Coming back to start work on a relentlessly dark and violent film about ...ants - "Empire Of the Desert Ants". One of the set designers from the film "Alien" is involved, so will no doubt be pretty creepy.
  • July 2010  Scoring "The Dolphins Of Shark Bay" for Big Wave TV and the BBC. "Andrea Queen Of Mantas" has collected another prestigious award - the Cine Golden Eagle
  • Late June 2010   While sailing off France got a surprise call to start work with Emmy award winning director Nick Stringer. Had to sail boat quick from Southern Brittany to La Rochelle in slightly necky weather - with wife and skipper Jenny Jones, we just got to EasyJet in time.  Nick has been filming for six months on Australia's north west coast - Shark Bay. A film about dolphins, which has captured on film for the first time, the birth of a baby bottlenose dolphin.The film will show in November 2010 as part of the BBC's new "Natural World" season. We go back to the "Snork Maiden" in August and plan to bring her back to Falmouth, weather gods permitting.
  • May & June 2010   Away sailing "Snork Maiden" in the Bay of Biscay. Excited at prospect of recording some tracks at sea on my iPhone. Follow the adventure on the Snork Maiden Blog
  • April 2010   Awards -"Andrea: Queen Of Mantas" has won a Silver Medal at the New York Film and Television Festival, multiple IWWF Awards at the Missoula International Willdlife Film Festval, Montana,  and is finalist in the Festival De L'Oiseau Et de La Nature. Expecting more and similar news for this wonderful film.
  • March 2010    Recording a new album of guitar music in a house near Halzaphron Cliffs,The Lizard, Cornwall. Wild weather and big seas. No internet, no phone signal unless you climb the cliff. This means no distractions, no Google. No mail. Weird. But good.
  • February 2010   Al's music is being used in a new film for the BBC "Jane Goodall: Beauty and The Beasts" about the great veteran researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall, and a lifetime spent with Chimpanzees. The film is set to broadcast on BBC4 in December 2010.
  • January 2010   Al is very pleased to announce that he has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Faber Music. He joins a brilliant roster of some of the best known and respected film and television composers working in the UK and internationally. These include Carl Davies, Howard Goodall, Stephen Warbeck, Dame Evelyn Glennie, and Dan Jones. Go to the Faber Music site here.
  • January 2010   Al has finished work on a new album for Universal's Atmosphere label. Release is due third quarter 2010.
  • December 2009  The film "Hope In A Changing Climate" has been screened at No 10 Downing St and was watched by a global audience of 78 million on BBC World - 27th Nov 2009. Watch Here: Earth's Hope
  • November 2009 "Andrea: Queen Of Mantas" - aired 11 Nov at 8pm BBC2 as part of the flagship "Natural World" series. This film has met with fantastic press and a phenomenal response from viewers.  A new giant species discovered, another filmed for the very first time. Watch a short clip of a rare giant sting ray with 2.5m wingspan, never before captured on film: Mysterious Giant Stingray Movie  The whole film is available to watch on the BBCiPlayer for the next 3 months (UK Only) Watch Here: "Andrea: Queen Of Mantas"
  • November 2009  Al has been commissioned to score "Hope In A Changing Climate", a unique look at a potential agrarian revolution for the 21st Century. This film will be aired globally Nov 27th on BBC World, and will have a theatrical screening to an audience of world leaders at COP15 - the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit December 7th-18th. This conference is widely seen by the scientific community as the world's last chance to stem runaway global warming.
  • November 2009  DVD Release Nov 4th of "Azorian: The Raising Of the K129" A major 120min Cold War feature documentary from Michael White Films. It tells the story of a secret CIA mission to recover a Russian nuclear armed submarine from a depth of three miles in the central north Pacific, in 1974. This film features spectacular CGI reconstructions, and has an explosive and controversial narrative. See the trailer, DVD sales and more info here: Azorian - the Trail
  • October 2009    "Around The World In Eighty Days" for BBC1 and Children In Need starts a 6 week run 9pm Tuesday 13 Oct. This series features celebrity travellers in a race around the globe - including Frank Skinner, and Michael Palin, John Barrowman  etc. Watch here: BBC iPlayer
  • October 2009     Al is providing music for a major new CH4 series - "Landscape Man", made by Redhouse TV. This 6 hour series is billed by CH4 as the "Grand Designs" for gardens.
  • September 2009  Al is  scoring "Around The World Eighty Days" for BBC1. A major six part series due to air in October and November 2009.
  • August 2009  Al & his wife Jenny Jones are back sailing "Snork Maiden" in the Bay Of Biscay.
  • July 2009 Al is scoring "The Manta Queen" for the BBC2 flagship Natural World strand - and Discovery - Big Wave Productions. TX Thursday Nov 12 Autumn 2009. A beautiful film about Giant Manta Rays - the passion of the American marine biologist Andrea Marshall, and her struggle to protect them. Filmed off the coasts of Mozambique and the Maldives. Watch a short film of her work with Giant Mantas here: Giant Mantas Movie
  • June 2009    Al  and Jenny Jones are sailing "Snork Maiden" in the Bay Of Biscay.
  • MAY 2009     Al has been commissioned to score a new BBC1 6x60 series  - a sumptuous revisiting of "Eighty Days Around The World" Transmission will be at 9pm on 6 consecutive Sundays kicking off on October 11 2009.
  • March 2009    "Beyond Boundaries - Where Are They Now?" New 2 part series for BBC2 Starts 11pm Sunday March 22 2009.
  • March 2009   "Hero Animals" a new 6 part drama doc series for CH5 begins 7.30pm March 4 2009.  Watch here: Hero Animals
  • Jan  2009 Writing....and co-lecturing with TV producer Jenny Jones on use of music in film, to University Of the West of England 3rd year media students, 
  • December  2008 Al is scoring "Azorian: The Raising Of the K129" A major 120min Cold War feature documentary from Michael White Films. It tells the story of a secret CIA mission to recover a Russian nuclear armed submarine from a depth of three miles in the central north Pacific, in 1974. It features spectacular CGI reconstructions.   See the trailer and more info here: Azorian - the Trail Al is going to Vienna the 15-17 Dec for the final mix.
  • November  2008 Al's music is being featured at the Monet exhibition at the Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
  • October 8 2008  "Wilderness Explored" BBC4 (3x60) starts Wednesday Oct 8th at 9pm - see synopsis and clips for this great series for the BBC: Wilderness Explored
  • August 17 2008 "Pacific Abyss" BBC1 (3x60), Starts Sunday Aug. 17th at 8pm - "...this lavish series...a thrilling insight into an unspoiled pocket of underwater heaven." - Radio Times
  • October 5 2008. Al has started work on a major x120 minute cold war drama doc, "Azorian: The Raising Of  The K129" for Michael White Films, Vienna. This film is set to raise the bar for CGI in drama doc, and has an explosive and controversial narrative.
  • TX TBC 2008:  "Last Flight To Kuwait -The Mystery Of BA Flight 149" Discovery USA and ASIA (x 90minutes)
  • July 12. 7.30pm CH4. DarlowSmithson's "The Day Of the Kamikaze".  This film reached no 4 in the "Broadcast" top ten feature length docs of 2008 so far. 
  • May June 2008 "Across The Andes - Beyond Boundaries" BBC2,  (4x60)
  • Easter Monday Al provided music for "Bear Grylls' Mission Everest"  a feature length doc (x90) screened  at 9pm CH 4. This film reached no 8 in the "Broadcast" top ten docs of 2008 so far. 
  • 18 Feb CH4. DarlowSmithson's "The Day Of the Kamikaze" screened to rave reviews - Radio Times Documentary Of the Week, and pick of the day in much of the national press. "..pure cinema, astonishing..heartbreaking, and beautifully shot.."  "..sensitive..breathtaking.."    "..Rivetting.." 
  • Jan/Feb 2008 "Paradise Or Bust" - Transmitted: 9pm pm BBC2 Mondays   - Al  provided music for the 5 x 60 mins series made by Shine for BBC2.  Eco warriors have created a new community on the remote Fijian island of Vorovoro -  follow their adventures and visit the site -
  • April/May 2008 Al is scoring "Wilderness Explored"- a 3x60 series for the BBC Natural History Unit - telling the stories of early European explorers who reached the wildernesses of Canada, The Congo, and Australia. This series has masses of beautiful footage and a fascinating narrative TX TBC 2008.
  • August 2007. "Nuremburg - Goering's Last Stand" has won the prestigious 2007 BAFTA Hugh Weldon award (Specialist Factual including performance - series and single films). An amazing drama documentary directed by Peter Nicholson, it won this "best film" award in a field of very strong nominees, including a spectacular episode of David Attenborough's "Planet Earth".
  • September 2007. Al has now finished the score for "Pacific  Abyss", a three part flagship series for BBC1 and Discovery. Produced by the BBC's Natural History Unit, the series goes in search of new marine species off the deepwater reefs of Micronesia. 
  • May 2007. )Comic Relief 2007: providing music for the fundraising films being produced by the BBC. 
  • May 2007  Completed the score for " Day Of The Kamikaze", (Director - Peter Nicholson) a one and a half hour drama doc about the Japanese suicide pilots of WW2. Produced by DarlowSmithson for CH4 and Smithsonian TV - delivery in early 2008.
  • April 2007  Work completed on a major new dramadoc for the BBC, Discovery USA and ZDF Germany -  "Last Flight To Kuwait -The Mystery Of BA Flight 149" for Blakeway Films. TX April 2007 BBC2 The making of this film has proved controversial . It investigates allegations that successive UK governments have been guilty of deception, lies and coverups in the wake of Saddam's invasion of Kuwait in 1991. The story has now broken in both the Sunday times, and the Mail On Sunday. It is set to run, Liberal democrat MP Norman Baker has called for a full independent public enquiry in a recent press conference at the House Of Commons.
  • Jan 2007  Provided music for a  BBC1 xfifteen part series, "Mission Africa" - adventure with a conservation theme. It ran from Wed. 3rd Jan @ 8.30pm for 3 months . A Diverse West production for BBC1